How to stop puppy biting

Is your dog biting you or the strangers that walk into your house? Then you will come across the need to understand how to stop puppy biting. Some of the dog owners tend to consider this as a normal behavior of the dog and ignore it. If you are ignoring the behavior of your dog like that, you will be taking a major risk. That’s because the dog can go ahead and bite you or someone else so badly. That’s why it is important for you to learn how to train a dog not to bite and work on it accordingly. Then you can keep the peace of mind.

Why does your dog bite?

Before you learn how to stop puppy biting, you need to figure out the cause that is tempting your dog to go ahead with biting. Then you can address that cause and stop the negative behavior shown by the dog.

Many different reasons can tempt your dog to go ahead and bite you. Below mentioned are the most common reasons out of them. Based on the following reasons, you can come up with the decision on what you will do to stop the dog away from biting you.

­To defend itself

Most of the dogs tend to bite to defend themselves. That’s because the dogs tend to develop a territory around them. When someone comes into the territory, your dog will be forced to go ahead and bite. However, this will not be the reason for puppy biting. That’s because the puppies will not be able to create such a territory on their own. However, mother dogs that have puppies tend to bite in order to protect their puppies from danger. This is one of the main important reasons that you need to understand when learning how to stop puppy biting.

When you are playing with the dog

In some of the instances, your dog will tend to bite you while you are playing with him. For example, the dog will chase you and bite you when you are running away from the dog. That’s because the dog will assume that it is a part of the fun. On the other hand, running away from a dog can trigger herding behavior as well. Hence, it is another reason on why the dogs tend to bite people. You should be addressing it when you learn how to stop puppy biting.

Surprising the dog

When you suddenly walk up to the dog while he is sleeping, he will get surprised. The sudden change in the environment can also make your dog bite you. Therefore, you need to be mindful about it as well.

Dog is in a fearful situation

If your dog is currently experiencing a fearful situation, he will tend to bite you. This can happen due to various reasons as well. During these instances, the bite of your dog can be severe. Hence, it is important to be mindful about it and address how to stop puppy biting. For example, the dogs tend to get into such fearful situations when they hear a loud noise all of a sudden.

Illness or an injury

An illness or an injury can also make your dog bite you. Illnesses and injuries are among the common reasons that make dogs bite you. You will be able to see this by examining the dog. While dealing with the pain, your dog will never want to be approached by someone or touched by someone. If you do it, the dog will bite you out of desperation.

While keeping these reasons in mind, you need to learn how to stop puppy biting. Since you have a clear understanding about the common reasons that lead dogs towards biting, you will be able to make a better decision when you are training the dog on now to bite. As a result, you can get the most out of the efforts that you spend as well.

How to train a dog not to bite?

Here are some useful tips, which you can follow as a dog owner to address how to stop puppy biting. Any person who wishes to figure out how to stop your dog from biting must follow these steps and deliver the training to the dog.

Provide a basic training to the dog

Providing a basic training to the dog will be able to help you with stopping the negative behavior shown by him up to a certain extent. You need to get hold of a reliable training program and stick to it. Then the training program will deliver the results that you are looking forward to receive. In other words, it will teach the dog on not to bite unnecessarily. When your dog comes across a situation where he is tempted to bite, the lessons that he has learnt will reinforce him.

Expose the dog to a variety of situations

When your dog is exposed to a new situation, he will get anxious about it. This is why it is important for you to expose the dog to a variety of new situations. For example, you can expose the dog to large machines, loud noises, strangers who come to your house and anything else that can trigger fear. You should provide this training during the younger days of the dog. Then you will be able to get the dog adapted to many different situations. As a result, anxiety will not kick in and lead you dog towards negative consequences in the long run.

Check what makes your dog aggressive

You need to keep an eye on the dog at all times and figure out what would make him aggressive as well. In some of the situations, you will not be able to take control over the behavior of your dog. In such a situation, you will need to remove the dog. Otherwise, the things will get out of your control. You should never try to discipline your dog using aggressive, violent or physical punishments as well. Instead, you need to make sure that you are using positive reinforcement in order to teach how to remain calm to the dog.

Socializing with the dog

As a pet owner, it is important to know how to socialize your dog to interact with other people. This can help you to transform your dog into a friendly companion along with time. On the other hand, you will also be able to get the help of socializing to keep your dog away from biting you as well. You will be able to get an enjoyable experience with your dog after socializing him as well.

Here are some useful tips, which dog owners should keep in mind at the time of socializing their dogs. These tips are in a position to deliver effective results to you. No matter what your dog breed is, you can follow these tips and end up with effective results at the end of the day.

Enroll your dog in a training class

Taking your puppy to a puppy training class is one of the best things that you can do in order to socialize your dog and understand how to stop puppy biting. You will be able to discover positive puppy classes, which are managed by professionals. These puppy classes can deliver outstanding results to you as well. In other words, people who manage such classes have taken appropriate measures to minimize the risk factors that your puppy is exposed to. They will provide an appropriate training to your dog. Dog training procedure would include teaching your dog on how to bite inhibition, how to increase responsiveness shown to commands and how to prevent hyperactivity. At the end of the puppy training class, you will be impressed to see visible changes in your puppy’s behavior. You will also notice that your puppy is socialized with people.

Encourage your friends or family members to play with the puppy

When more people are interacting with your puppy, he will find it as an easy task to socialize. Therefore, you should encourage your friends and family members to play more with the puppy. It is better if someone can play with the puppy on a daily basis. Then the puppy will get socialized to humans within a short period of time. In addition to that, you can also think about inviting healthy and gentle dogs as well as cats to interact with your dog and play. In the meantime, you should think about taking your puppy to regular visits at the other pet-owning houses located in your neighborhood. When you keep on doing this, you will find it as an easy task to socialize your puppy.

Expose your puppy to unfamiliar objects

As a dog owner who is trying to socialize the puppy, you should think about exposing your puppy to unfamiliar objects on a regular basis as well. You will be able to find such a large number of unusual objects around your house and in your neighborhood. You just need to make an effort to expose the puppy to those objects.

It is also important for you to get your dog exposed to hearing many different sounds. Some of the sounds include outside traffic, sound of the lawn mower, sound of your vacuum cleaner and the sound of blower dryer. Even the sound of TV can help you to expose your puppy to unfamiliar and new conditions. You are doing this not with the objective of frightening your dog. Instead, you are trying to expose your dog to new sounds. Like can be too noisy. Therefore, your dog should know that day to day sounds that he hear are not a big deal. This can create a perfect environment for you to socialize your dog.

Keep things positive at all times

You will not be able to socialize your puppy overnight. You have to go on a long journey to get things done. While you are going on this journey, it is important to keep things positive at all times as well. It is better if you can start socializing with the puppy on the very first day that you welcome him home. However, you should also be careful not to overwhelm your dog.

You can simply create a stage and then allow your dog to define his own pace with socializing. You should never push, force or hurry your dog to show a progress. You should also think about keeping the socializing sessions frequent. You need to make them brief as well. They should always sound upbeat. Then your puppy will fall in love with the socializing sessions. You can also think about modifying the exact type of socialization that you follow depending on the responses that are shown by your puppy and the personality of your puppy.

Get the puppy being used to groomed

You must also get your puppy used to brushed and bathed. In addition to that, you should also clip the nails of your puppy. You should never ignore examining the nails, ears and other parts of your puppy’s body. When you are doing this, you will be able to get your puppy to being handled. This can provide a great help to you in the future when you are offering dog grooming sessions. Even other people will be able to touch and groom your dog with ease.

How to stop puppy biting – Final words

These are some of the most important tips, which you should to learn how to stop puppy biting. You need to keep in mind that the process of socializing should be an enjoyable one for you as well as your puppy. Then you can get the job done with ease. Along with socializing, you need to make sure that you are following the tips that we shared above to make your dog stop biting. It is something that you can do to ensure your safety, the safety of your neighbors and the safety of people who would walk into your home in the future.